I love this time of year. The first rains bring that wonderful smell and the leaves are gold and brown, the gardens are still full of veggies to harvest. I even love when the rain makes the leaves all soggy like raisin bran left too long in the milk. What can I say, I’m an Autumn girl.

I am plotting to bring some autumn colors into my house without blowing my holiday budget before November even starts.

My goal is to find some sarongs to cover my tables and to make some good winter curtains because I can’t afford to replace our old windows with double paned units.

The table covers are easy – I’ve narrowed it down to these two sarongs.

Purple & Brown Artisan Batik Sarong in Premium Quality RayonGold & Brown Floral Artisan Batik Sarong in Premium Quality Rayon

The winter curtains are harder. I always like to reuse materials – saving money and loving the earth. I have several yards of lavender flannel that I bought a few years ago. But purple is not exactly an autumn or winter color… So, I will use it as a lining, sandwiched between two sarongs. I will just cut the flannel piece slightly smaller than the sarong and top-stitch it. Then I will fold over and sew one end to slip the curtain rod through. Easy peasy!

Hopefully this will bring autumn colors into my home while keeping out the crisp autumn air!