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Nov 12 2010

Thanksgiving Sarong Use #2 – Save Your Table from the Turkey!

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Thanksgiving Turkey on Sarong MatHow do you protect your fine table linen from turkey juice splatters when you carve and serve on Thanksgiving? I have an idea for you! Use a sarong and an old towel to make an attractive, absorptive mat for catching turkey juice drips on the table.

Take a sarong or pareo in Autumn colors, perfect for Thanksgiving decorations, that looks pretty on your table. Fold it around an old, clean bath towel and place at the head of the table where the turkey will be carved. Place the platter on the table, on top of your sarong mat, folded so it leaves a few inches around the platter to catch any spills.

The juice from that gorgeous, juicy bird on Thanksgiving day will be absorbed by the sarong mat and save your fine table linen from irreparable damage. The best part is, the sarong is easy to launder and will likely look great after a wash, ready to be reused again and again, for other purposes in your home and then on the beach!

Sep 7 2010

Men’s Sarongs

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Sarongs for men are gaining in popularity. In many different cultures and throughout time, men have worn these simple wraps, known by many names: Sarongs in Indonesia, Lava lava in Polynesian cultures, Pareos in Tahiti, Kangas in Africa, Lungis in India, Toga in Greece!

In US culture, the stigma about men wearing skirts is slowly lifting (pun intended), given the right setting. A guy in a sarong, walking down Main Street will still raise a few eyebrows, but on the beach, at the river, at music festivals and spas, men strut comfortably in sarongs.

One way that men differentiate their style of sarong wearing from how to tie a sarong for a woman is to tie it in the men’s typical method. Here is how Balinese men wear sarongs.

Start by holding the sarong behind your back

Start by holding the sarong behind your back

1. Hold sarong horizontally behind body with more length on right side

2. Fold left side over to center of stomach

3. Bring right end around to cover center and hold with right hand

4. Fold excess back over hand to form a pleat

5. Secure by rolling waistband over 3 to 6 times

For narrower wrap and thicker pleat, repeat, folding over hand before rolling down waist band.

Sarong with have a fold of fabric in the front when you are finished

Sarong will have a fold of fabric in the front when you are finished

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Jul 21 2010

“What’s Sarong?”

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“Nothing sarong, why do you ask?”

OK, dumb joke, but I got your attention right? Sarongs are getting a lot of well deserved attention of their own. It’s summer – the season of the sarong!

I live near a river, resort community and see people sporting sarongs every day: People in sarongs carrying their canoes out of shallow water, women and men wearing sarongs over their swimsuits to keep the sun (or critical glances away), mother’s carrying babies in a sarong tied on their backs. I love the makeshift sun shade tents billowing in the wind, extending from canoe paddles dug into the sand, and the sun baked picnickers dining on the clean surface of a sarong, thwarting ants and sand fleas who would love to taste the fare.

Sarongs have millions of uses and not all of them are related to the beach or pool. I have a batik sarong on my coffee table to hide the crayon scribbles my two year old lovingly donated to the varnish. I have this floral sarong to cover the squawking bird’s cage to quiet the offending chatter. I have a dragon sarong over our venetian blinds to darken the room in which my daughter sleeps to give the illusion of night down on long summer evenings. And this Buddha sarong lends a lovely yogic ambiance to my guest room/office/exercise room.

If I let myself, I could enjoy buying a new sarong every week – it is one of the hazards of working in a sarong import house! The next addition to my growing collection of versatile and stylish sarongs is the scalloped pattern sarong, which looks so cool in all the colors, I can’t decide which one to bring home! It is a popular choice in terms of sarongs for men, but I like it because I don’t wear a lot of pink and jewel tones so I like to keep my beach colors in tune with my out-and-about color scheme.

If you are interested in sarongs, please feel welcomed to visit our online store. Turtle Island Imports is a family owned and run business in Northern California. We have been bringin’ and slingin’ (otherwise known as importing and selling) sarongs since 1993.

Dec 1 2009

An ode to the sarong

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Welcome to the Sarong Blog. This site is dedicated to an appreciation of Sarongs and island culture.

Currently, I have sarongs all over my house. There is one covering my TV, one on my coffee table to hide the crayon scribbles, and one hanging over the window in the bathroom, which lets light in but keeps peepers out. I have five or so that I like to wear in the summer, including one that is a half-sized, light scarf sarong that doubles as a head cover at the windy beach, and another that is extra-long for tying a dress over my swim suit. We also used sarongs to decorate the tables at our wedding three years ago – we rented plain table cloths and then draped white sarongs with a hand-painted floral motif to soften the industrial covers. I also start each day with a Balinese kimono made of – you guessed it, sarong material. Light and flowy, it makes me feel elegant while I sip my coffee and sweep cheerios off the floor. I love a good sarong!

A sarong haiku:
The sexy sarong
Wear, wrap or drape it over
Not just for the beach