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Nov 12 2010

Thanksgiving Sarong Use #2 – Save Your Table from the Turkey!

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Thanksgiving Turkey on Sarong MatHow do you protect your fine table linen from turkey juice splatters when you carve and serve on Thanksgiving? I have an idea for you! Use a sarong and an old towel to make an attractive, absorptive mat for catching turkey juice drips on the table.

Take a sarong or pareo in Autumn colors, perfect for Thanksgiving decorations, that looks pretty on your table. Fold it around an old, clean bath towel and place at the head of the table where the turkey will be carved. Place the platter on the table, on top of your sarong mat, folded so it leaves a few inches around the platter to catch any spills.

The juice from that gorgeous, juicy bird on Thanksgiving day will be absorbed by the sarong mat and save your fine table linen from irreparable damage. The best part is, the sarong is easy to launder and will likely look great after a wash, ready to be reused again and again, for other purposes in your home and then on the beach!

Nov 10 2010

Thanksgiving Sarong Use… Coordinating Mismatched Chairs!

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How to use sarongs to cover mismatched chairs around your holiday table. I love Thanksgiving. As much as I like cooking, eating, and visiting with family and friends, my favorite part is setting the table. It is an occasion to bring out the nice china, find all the matching cloth napkins, make a cute little center piece with construction paper and pumpkins…Batik Leaf Sarong in Orange

One challenge we always have in our home is chairs. We have 6 chairs around our table on a normal day, but what do you do when you have 8 or 10 people coming over? Then is it time to bring out the rolling desk chairs, the front hall chair, even that antique chair I painted in rainbow colors when I was 15. Sometimes I borrow folding chairs if I am really desperate…

Well, here is a nifty idea to coordinate all those mismatched chairs for a neat look.

Simply draping a sarong or pareo over a chair has a nice effect. You can use the fringe to tie it to the top and legs so it doesn’t slip. For a desk chair, you can tie the fringe under the arm to a pinched piece of fabric on each side to create a nicely draped but secure chair cover.

Then for the piece de la resistance, you can use a matching sarong as a table runner. Voila – a Thanksgiving table and chair set! You could give the sarongs to your guests as party favors but you’ll probably fall in love with them, so make sure to keep a few for yourself.

This year I am using this sarong, in orange, to cover my chairs.

Just another great use for a sarong!

Nov 1 2010

How to Decorate Your Rented Space

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In every home, apartment and room I’ve ever rented, I’ve always fretted about putting nails in the walls to decorate my space. Sadly, getting my full deposit back has been privileged over personal style.

I discovered the joys of sarongs in this phase of my life. I could add color and flair to my space with push pins! Sarongs are light enough to stay put with the lightest of touches. I have even hung curtains by just tying the fringe to the existing venetian blinds mounting.

As the daughter of sarong importers, I’ve had a hard time choosing from all the gorgeous, hand painted sarongs. Needless to say, I have quite a collection by now. But they are inexpensive, easy to launder and quite unique. Of all the art I hang in my home, the handpainted sarongs always garner the most attention.

Here is my latest favorite decorative sarong.

Richly Textured and Intricately Hand-Painted Lush Jungle Waterfall Sarong

Hand Painted Balinese Sarongs – For Your Home