Thanksgiving Turkey on Sarong MatHow do you protect your fine table linen from turkey juice splatters when you carve and serve on Thanksgiving? I have an idea for you! Use a sarong and an old towel to make an attractive, absorptive mat for catching turkey juice drips on the table.

Take a sarong or pareo in Autumn colors, perfect for Thanksgiving decorations, that looks pretty on your table. Fold it around an old, clean bath towel and place at the head of the table where the turkey will be carved. Place the platter on the table, on top of your sarong mat, folded so it leaves a few inches around the platter to catch any spills.

The juice from that gorgeous, juicy bird on Thanksgiving day will be absorbed by the sarong mat and save your fine table linen from irreparable damage. The best part is, the sarong is easy to launder and will likely look great after a wash, ready to be reused again and again, for other purposes in your home and then on the beach!